The related bhava will be aspected by Jupiter till 11 th October and by Saturn for the whole year.

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The interpersonal relationship will see turmoil off and on between the family members and near dear relatives. There will be latent aggression getting accumulated and after October things may take a negative turn. It is better to keep things in check so that nothing untoward happens after Jupiter takes away its aspect from the bhava. You will have to give a lot of time to adjust things between people and this may affect your work performance. It all depends upon you how better you are able to tackle the situations that will arise. Married life : Married life is going to be mostly normal.

There will be not much problems this year because the related bhava and the lord will be away from the negative influences of the planets. So in general you will have a cordial life full of understanding and cooperation.

There will be problems in the months of March to May but otherwise things will be good mostly. After October there will be betterment only and you will enjoy the life at home. You may get some goodies from your in-laws house. There is possibility of some mishap to your in-laws and if the age is too much then serious caution will be required. Check Janam Kundali.

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Health : You will have issues related to digestive system; some old disease may give you a lot of problem particularly if you had something related to spine or nerves. Piles can also trouble you this year. Career : When there is work then other things can be managed. Saturn the lord of 10 th is transiting in your 8 th house this year and thus there will be hurdles, obstacles, and delays in all your endeavors.

It is going to be here till so have patience and wait for the right time.

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The good thing is that you will not lose your Job and through some divine messenger service your seniors will understand your position and even if you do lose the Job another one will be waiting. The nature of the Taurean is one of accumulation. Whenever Taureans want to purchase something they search hard for a bargain. They want good quality. But it need not be fancy.

They expect their possessions to last a very long time, which they usually do because Taureans look after their possessions carefully. Taureans need to guard against valuing things above people, for their pursuit of material possessions can sometimes come between them and their partners or families. As parents, Taureans are patient and compassionate. They rarely lose their tempers and will put up with a great deal before they become angry. However, they can be very stubborn and it is difficult to move a bull when it digs in its heels. Singers and musicians often have strong Taurean influence in their charts, as Taurus rules the neck and throat, enhancing self-expression through the voice.

They are suited to careers in music or selling and maintaining musical instruments. They prefer a steady, stable work environment and resent being rushed to complete a project. Being essentially methodical and practical, they are suited to work where patience and steady application are required.

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This includes engineering, accounting and real estate. Relationships : Taureans are generally affectionate and sensual, typical earth sign characteristics. However, they can be possessive and are happiest in a relationship which is based around routine, as this increases their feelings of security. Essentially realistic, Taureans are prepared to work hard to win the one they love and to build a relationship and a lifestyle which centres around all the creature comforts. The way to a Taureans heart is through their stomach. Because they are slow to change patterns, Taureans like plenty of time to think things through, in order to get used to the idea of a new behaviour before they have to embrace it.

This is why Taureans plan relationship changes carefully. When a Taurean spontaneously tells you about a change they are going to make, you can be sure that they have thought it through very carefully. Health : Taureans often experience tension in the neck and throat when stressed and, because of their sensual nature, they respond well to massage to relieve tension.

The thyroid gland, located in the neck, regulates the rate of metabolism and, consequently, body growth. This is another area of concern for Taureans when they are placed under great stress. Earth signs value their physical health, and Taureans usually exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet as past of their routine, thereby ensuring continued good health.

If they do not exercise regularly, excess weight can become a health issue in later years. Negative Taurus : Negative Taureans can be lazy, jealous, stubborn, self-centred and extravagant.

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However Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are posited together in favorable aspect to your sign and this would give you the stamina to forge ahead. This asks the Taurus natives to forge ahead in full strength. Your earthy nature comes to the fore these days. Also make sure that your emotional health is also intact. You would be quite practical, stable and grounded this month. Embark on some pilgrimages and holy tours to keep you spiritually updated. This would further strengthen yourself mentally. September seems to be quite a good period for Taurus natives.

It would be far better than the previous few months in general. The Sun in Virgo favorably aspects your sign all this month. This gives you a very soothing and comfortable atmosphere around. The month is conducive for you to bring all your past experiences into action. Be prepared to handle totally unexpected events across the board this month, Taurus. Taurus folks have Mercury in opposition to their sign during October And Mars is in association with Mercury.

This planetary position influences you to be a scatter-brain, having your foot in almost everything around. Develop a positive attitude and remain focussed. Do not let your ego spoil your personal relationships. Mars in opposition deg might make you aggressive, be wary. Remaining calm and composed would be the key to survival for the period.

Garner knowledge as the month progresses and remain grounded. In November , the planet Mercury and the luminary Sun would be in opposition to your sign, Taurus. This would involve or drag you into unwanted troubles through the period. However as the month progresses, the planets Mars and Uranus are favorably disposed to Mercury and the Sun.

This gives you much power and authority to proceed with positive moves for now.

This month is a favourable time to do important and great tasks that have been in the back-burner for long. Taurus people would have much energy during December as Mars and Jupiter are in opposition deg to your sign. But then be cautious as Saturn is in square relation 90 deg with Mars and Jupiter through this December.