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If they both belong to the same ganam, it is considered as most appropriate and is called eka ganam. If the boy boy and girl belong to deva ganam and maanushya ganam then we can go ahead with the match. But if both belong to raakshasa ganam the match is considered inappropriate. This also ensures the longevity of the bond the couple share. In thirumana porutham marriage matching , mahendra porutham is considered for santhanam progeny.

It Is the children who complete a family. Thus a positive mahendra porutham signals greater chances of achieving a complete family. Of the 10 porutham, a good streedeergha porutham ensures the couple a life filled with happiness and prosperity. There are certain nakshatas which are not compatible. Every nakshatra is associated with an animal. With this we can determine their compatibility.

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For example, cat and rat are foes. There wont be any understanding between them. Poosam nakshatra is associated with goat and it is not compatible with chithirai which is represented by tiger. Higher the percentage of porutham, greater will be the intimacy in physical relationship. This porutham is very important to lead a peaceful life after marriage. The rasi of a person is determined by the position of the moon at the time of birth.

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It is this rasi that determines their character and physical characteristics. A lot can be known about a person from their Rasi. Rasi porutham is very helpful if other much complicated porutham do not match. Rasi porutham is a deeper concept.

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This is very important for good understanding between the two families involved. If the ruling lords share a friendly relationship then the match can be proceeded with as it is considered as good porutham. If the ruling lords share neutral relationship even then we can proceed with match. But if they are rivals then the match should be strictly abandoned. This porutham is also very important for the wealth of the offsprings.

Yoni, Dina & Sthree Deerkha porutham - Vedic Astrology Blog

A good rasi adhipathi porutham will ensure wealthier generation. This porutham helps couple in enjoying pleasurable moments together. When porutham like gana porutham and rasi porutham are giving trouble, this porutham is very handy. In thirumana porutham, rajju porutham is a very important porutham. We cannot make any compromise in this porutham. The 27 nakshatras are divided into 5 groups or rajju,with each group representing a body part. If the girl and boy belong to the same rajju then the match is considered inappropriate. If they both belong to the same rajju then it leads to rajju dosham.

This is least used method, hence I am not explaining it here. Manusha Ganam: Men and Women of this category will have all the good and bad qualities of human beings. Their behaviour is good but they also tend to show their anger, enmity at times. Rakshasa Ganam: The behavior, nature, and character of this category of people are expected to be Aggressive, Rude and Rough.

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It is difficult for them to co-operate with others. They can upset others by their unpleasant behavior and talk Many times they will think they are right and others are wrong. But they are also good sometimes.

If boy belongs to rakshash Gana and the girl belongs to any Gana the match will be Mathimam. If girl belongs to rakshash Gana and there is no match if boy belongs to any other gana. This match will determine mangala or auspiciousness. Even though this porutham is examined for wellbeing, Longevity and the growth of the family this alone is not enough. Whether this Porutham is available or not it is better to examine the Girl and Boy horoscopes further and decide about the growth of the family.

Otherwise no match. This match is considered for offspring children 4. This Porutham gives an idea about the Life Expectancy of the Girl.

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  6. Also this helps for a comfortable married life. It is believed that the Girl will live for a long time as the wife and her life will end before her husband's life in the old age. That is she will attain the Lotus Feet of God as a Sumangali. However regarding the Life expectancy it is better to check her horoscope. If it comes above 7 mathima porutham. This porutham gives good longevity and prosperity.

    Yoni represents sex organs.

    Yoni Dosh in Match Making

    If this Porutham is available intimacy of the couple will be satisfactory. Therefore this is considered as important and mandatory. Marriage will not be recommended if Yoni porutham is absent. Each Star is given the name of an animal. If the animals are friendly Yoni is compatible. If they are enemies Yoni Porutham is not available and the marriage should not be performed.

    Yoni porutham can be ensured by proper selection of horoscopes with reference to the Birth Stars of the Girl and Boy. Nakshatra - Yoni 1. Ashwini - Male horse 2. Bharani - Male Elephant 3. Rohini - Male Snake cobra 4. Thiruvathirai - Male Dog 5. Poosam - Male Goat 6. Aayilyam - Male Cat 7. Maham - Male Rat Mouse 8. Uthiram - Male Ox 9. Chithirai - Male Tiger Swathi - Male buffalo Kettai - Male Deer Pooradam - Male Monkey Poorathathi - Male Lion Karthikai - Female Goat Mrigashrish - Female Elephant Punarpoosam - Female Cat Pooram - Female Tiger Hastham - Female buffalo Visakam - Female Tiger Anusham - Female Deer Moolam - Female Dog Uthiradam - Female Cow Thiruvonam - Female Monkey Avittam - Female Lion Sathayam - Female Monkey Uthiratathi - Female Cow Revathi - Female Elephant While considering yoni match if boy has Male Yoni and girl has Female yoni the match is perfect or uthamam.

    If both boy and girl has male yoni the match is mathimam. Otherwise the match is Athamam or no match. Yoni match is considered for physical compatibility or sexual compatibility. Rasi porutham represents the following. Unity of the Couple. Possibility of getting a Male child First.